Search for messages

Typetalk allows you to search for messages posted in the past within the Topics or Direct Messages. This helps you to easily retrieve your important messages or information in Typetalk.

Here’s How

  1. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the page.
  2. Enter your search keyword in the "Search" field and press Enter. Search results will be displayed based on your keyword and search conditions.


TipsYou can search for mentions of yourself or other members by inputting a “@” follow by the unique ID in the search field.
e.g. @tdog

Search Condition

To narrow your search results, you can further refine the following search conditions.


Select a specific topic or DM you want to search within. To search across all topics and DMs, please select “All”.

Posted by

If you know the user who posted the message, you can narrow your search by selecting the specific member. By enabling "Don’t include bots", you can search only for messages posted by members.

Attachment file

By checking the checkbox of the "Attachment file" icon, you can search only within messages with a file attached.

From and To / Start and End Dates

You can narrow down the search results by specifying the start date and end date. If the date is not set, it will search from the first message posted in your organization to the latest posted message in your organization.

Advanced Search

Typetalk supports syntax search options to help you perform an advanced search.

AND syntax search with multiple keywords

AND syntax helps you to perform a search of multiple keywords that contain (keyword A) and (keyword B). This is helpful when you want to include a few keywords in one search.

To perform AND search, use the “space” key to separate the keywords. For example, inserting a space between “festival” keyword and “2020” keyword will return results related to "festival” and “2020”.

e.g. festival 2020

Search a phrase using double quotation marks

If you want to search for a key phrase, enter the key phrase within double quotation marks (“ “). The spaces contained therein are not treated as delimiters or AND syntax searches.

e.g. “iPhone X”

NOT Syntax to exclude specific keywords from the search results

If you want to exclude certain keywords from your search, prefix the keyword with a hyphen (-). This is helpful when you want to omit certain words or unwanted results.

e.g. meeting -marketing