Edit a message

After posting a message, there may be things to add on, amend, or a typo to correct, you can easily edit your posted message in Typetalk.

To edit a message, click on the "···" button on the message you posted and select "Edit". Simply update the message and click "Edit" or press Ctrl/Cmd + Enter to submit the edited message.


Note You can only edit your own messages.

Mark as Edited

After you edit a message, Typetalk will show "(Edited)" at the end of the message to indicate that it has been edited. Team members who view it will know that it has been changed.

However, if the message was edited within 30 seconds of posting, “(Edited)” will not be displayed. This is so that messages with typos that are corrected immediately will not be marked as edited :)

How to edit a message in the mobile app


Swipe left on the message that you posted and "···" function button will appear. Tap on it and select "Edit Message". After you have done editing, select the send message icon to update the changes.


Tap the message you posted, then tap the "···" menu to the right of your name. Select the pencil icon and you can edit your posted message. After you have done editing, tap the ‘OK’ button to update the changes.