How do I format messages?

Formatting Syntax


Insert > before a line of text.

I've got a mail. 
> Hi Yuki,
> xxx


Source code

Enclose source code in ```. You must specify the programming language after the first ``` if you want the code highlighted. Note: other formattings (e.g., emojis) won’t be applied in the source code, regardless of the programming language.

function sayHello(name) {
window.alert("Hello, " + name + ":smile: !");


You can use the following programing languages.

Language Input
ActionScript actionscript
Bash bash
C++ cpp
C# cs
CSS css
Diff diff
Go go
Gradle gradle
Haxe haxe
Java java
JavaScript javascript
JSON json
Kotlin kotlin
Objective-C objectivec
Perl perl
PHP php
Python python
Ruby ruby
Scala scala
SQL sql
Swift swift
TypeScript typescript
XML or HTML xml


You can use all the emojis in this cheat sheet except for those in the Symbols category. You can also generate emojis without having to click on the emoji menu.

Hello :smile: 


Markdown anchor

This formatting is useful for bots to make your topics clearer and easier to read.

[API Document]( has been updated.


You can also set titles.

[API Document]( "API Document") has been updated.

The Advanced Context menu

To format messages, click ••• in the menu options next to the message box to see additional formatting options.