What is a Talk?

A Talk is similar to a Twitter hashtag: it’s a tool used to label messages that pertain to the same conversation topic. It’s useful for grouping important information to make it easier to find later.

Unlike a Twitter hashtag, Talks belong to specific Topics. You can only filter Topics by the Talks that belong to them, and only Topic Members have access to its Talks.

You and your team members can see Talks easily by selecting the hashtag (#) icon on the top right.


If you need to create a Talk or add messages to a Talk, check the box on the left side of the message(s) you want to add and select "Add _ messages to" at the top of the Topic.

Please see How do I create a Talk? or How do I add messages to Talks? for more information on how to use this feature.

These talks are not just for use within the application. You can also share your talk on other platforms by copying the Talk link.

Copy the Talk Link by right-clicking on the Talk.


But remember, since Talks belong to specific Topics, only Topic Members will be able to see the Talks.

Talks can be posted to Backlog comments or the Wiki by pasting their unique Talk URL.Talks can also be embedded within Backlog issues.

Please see Linking Typetalk Talks and Backlog Issues for more information on how to do this.