What systems and equipment does Typetalk use?

Data Center

Servers are located in a data center with 24/7 surveillance and security.


Our server has Linux installed.

Auto Updates of Security Patch

We maintain security by automatically updating server software to protect against potential security problems.
We have a substantial security system and auto updates only add further security.

Disabling unnecessary services and ports

We disable unnecessary services that are initially programmed to run by default. We also publicize the minimum number of ports needed.


Firewall prevents unauthorized access to the server.

Encrypted data transfer by SSL

With SSL, the communication between web browser and server is encrypted. It helps prevent your data from being lost, edited or spoofed.

Typetalk Security

Typetalk strives for the highest level of security. We are always able to verify an unlikelihood attack, such as XSS.
If any problem arises, immediately notify us using the “bugs and requests” or “system failure information” forms located on our website. We will promptly investigate and resolve any issue.