What is Access Control?

Access Control feature enables your organization to allow access only from specific IP addresses. To use this feature, you need to register the IP addresses you would like to allow access.

Click on the Settings icon, select "Manage Organization" and choose "Access Control".   On the"Access Control" page, you can register IP addresses in two ways. Please note that this can only be done by administrators.

Input Form
Import CSV

Input Form

Input the IP address and notes (optional) that you would like to register and click "Save" at the bottom of the input form. To remove registered IP addresses, click the minus icon and click "Save".


Import a CSV

Provide a CSV file that has IP addresses and notes (optional), then click "More Options" and "Upload list (.CSV)". Please note that all of the existing registered IP addresses will be replaced when you import the CSV file.


Please refer to the Sample CSV to ensure that the CSV file that you’re importing is formatted correctly.
Sample CSV

Column Description
IP address IP address. Optionally, you can specify subnet mask
Notes Notes (e.g. London's Branch, Peter's Home, etc.)