New User’s Guide

Learn about the basic features available in Typetalk

Screen layout

We call each group chat a "Topic." You can add individual users and teams to Topics, so they can participate in the conversation.

You can see the topic lists that you are a member of on the left side. Click on a topic, and you will see the messages from that topic on the right in ascending order. At the bottom of the screen is your message input area. To send a message, simply type in what you want to say and hit the send button.

Typetalk app Screen layout


You can Like messages to give thanks, support an idea, or just to say "Got it." Liking each other's messages makes chatting more interactive and accelerates your team’s communication.


You can see the number of Likes a message receives and who has Liked it using the heart icon next to each message. You can also explore more Likes Activity from the heart icon in your sidebar to see all Likes you have received and given as well as discover Likes amongst your team.

Screenshot: the heart icon in the sidebar


You can send a notification to a specific user by including @unique-ID in a message. Enter "@" and part of their name or unique ID and a list of filtered topic members will appear. When you click “Reply” in the message menu, a mention tag will automatically populate to the user you’re replying to.

Screenshot: @unique-ID and reply menu

When you receive a notification, you will see a dot next to the bell icon in your sidebar. You can customize your notifications to also receive a desktop notification, mobile notification, and/or email.

Screenshot: the bell icon in
  your sidebar


When you reply to a message, your messages will create a thread making it clear how messages in a Topic are connected. To reply to a message, click the message and an input field will appear below the message. Type in your message and hit send. If you are replying to the most recent message, the thread line will connect directly. If you are replying to a previous message, the thread line will appear cut off; however, when you hover over the user’s icon displayed next to the message, the original message that was replied to will appear. You don't always have to use the reply function, but it is useful when several people are messaging in a Topic at once or when replying to a message that was posted a while ago.

Screenshot: the thread line


You can group messages from a topic into a "Tag" for easy access.

To create a "Tag," select all messages you want to add using the check boxes that appear when you hover over each message. A dropdown will appear at the top of the topic name. Just enter a Tag name and enter. You can see existing Tags using the [#] icon in the upper right corner. You can learn more about Tags here.



Screenshot: Talk list


Profile image and unique ID

We recommend you add a unique profile image before you start chatting with your team, so they can quickly recognize you as the author of your messages. Your unique ID was automatically created from your email address , but you can change it or simplify it.

Screenshot: Profile menu

Screenshot: Profile page

Desktop and mobile app

We provide a desktop app for Windows and Mac.

Windows Mac

We also have mobile apps for iOS and Android, so you can receive notifications and reply to messages on-the-go.

App Store Play Store

Topic management

If your Typetalk organization uses a lot of topics, you will find the following FAQ’s useful. Using pinned topics, topic groups, and notification settings will make your Typetalk life much more organized.