An Intro to Typetalk for New Organizations

This guide is for organization’s new to Typetalk who aren’t already using Backlog and Cacoo (Nulab’s other collaborative apps). If you’re already using Backlog and/or Cacoo, see our intro to Typetalk for Backlog & Cacoo admin.


Whether you’re using Typetalk, Backlog, and/or Cacoo, you’re going to manage your organization’s setting and members using your Nulab Account. Your Nulab Account is your centralized login for every Nulab app you subscribe to.

Since you’re brand new to our services, the first step is to select a Typetalk plan and start your free trial.

You’ll automatically be set up with a Nulab Account where you can create your organization, start inviting members, and begin organizing your members into teams.

Once your organization is up and ready to go, you can start creating topics, adding members and teams to them, and get chatting!

Getting started

To get your team started on Typetalk, you’ll be taken through the following flow.

1. Choose your plan

If you are adding more than 10 people, we recommend starting with a free trial of the standard plan. You can refer to the pricing page for more info and plan restrictions.

Select the number of users who will be joining Typetalk from the dropdown, and click the "Start free trial" button.

2. Input your information

If you don’t have a Nulab Account
Input your name, your organization or company name, your email, and a password.

Screenshot:  Typetalk free trial page

If you have Nulab Account
Input your email address and click "Login from here".

Screenshot: Input your email address and click Login from here

Then input your new organization or company name.

Screenshot: input your new organization or company name

3. Invite your team members

The browser app will launch automatically. Be sure to check the “Welcome to Typetalk” topic first for basic tips on using Typetalk.

You will have two topics already created for you: one for all users called “[Your Organization name] All” and one for chit chat called “Coffeeshop”.

To start adding your org members to topics, click on the “Add members” link within each. Send out invites to the individuals and teams you want to add, and start chatting!

Screenshot: Typetalk chat screen

Teams are handy for adding groups of users to topics quickly and for automatically adding/removing team members to all relevant team topics.

You can use the “Manage your teams” button to add new members to teams.

Screenshot: Manage your teams

It will automatically take you to your Nulab Account where you can click “Invite Members by Email” to send new members an invitation.

Screenshot: Invite Members

Input the new member's email address, assign them to the “[Your Organization Name] All” team and role, and submit.

Screenshot: Invite Members

You can also use the "Invite using a link" option to share the invitation URL rather than sending an email.

4. Start chatting

Start chatting using the topics automatically created or start creating your own!

Use the (+) icon in your sidebar menu (A) to begin adding a new topic. Enter a topic name (B). Then under the “Add Members to Topic” section, add teams and individual members to give them access to the topic.

When you’re ready, click the "Create Topic" button (D), and an email will automatically notify each topic member of its creation.

The email will provide a URL to the topic, so members can click to start chatting right away.

You can also read through our new user's guide for more info on features.

5. Upgrade from trial

Your free trial lasts for 30 days, so you’ll need to upgrade to continue using your team’s topics. You can learn more about upgrading here.

Promote the use to your team

  • We recommend you to create a variety of topics for things like sharing relevant industry articles, office-related questions, fun stuff, etc. That way people have relevant areas to post their thoughts and individual topics don’t get bogged down with too much information.
  • Name your topics clearly, and take advantage of the topic description area to lay out any guidelines or provide more information.
  • Use the @mention feature to address people. By default, this will send an email notification reminding them to check the app. It’s a great way to get people in the habit of checking it.
  • Let your team know about Typetalk’s mobile and desktop applications, so they can use Typetalk when, where, and how they like.