User Status

The User Status feature allows you to share your current availability or reflect your feeling in Typetalk. With this feature, it helps you easily share your current status with your team members within the Organisation so that they are aware of your availability or the expected response time when messaging you in Typetalk.


Tips User status will only reflect within the organization that you have
configured. If you have multiple organizations in Typetalk, you will need
to update the user status separately within each organization. 

How to set your user status

Select your user icon on the left sidebar and it will prompt the “User Status” setting menu. Enter your status in the field and apply it by clicking the Save button.


There are four settings you can modify:

  1. Emoji
  2. Status message
  3. Display period
  4. Disable all notifications

1. Emoji

Select the Speech Balloon icon (shown in 1) to open the emoji panel. If you do not set an emoji for your status, the Speech Balloon icon will be the default emoji.


2.Status Message

You can set a message to be displayed in your status or leave it blank. Select from the template messages or customize your own status by inputting your message here.

Tips If the template status is chosen, the emoji, status message and
display period will be entered automatically.

Template Status


Customize Messages


3. Display Period

You can pre-set your status for a certain period and it will automatically clear itself at the end of the period. Besides the list of periods, you can customize your preferred date and time by selecting “Custom”.


4. Disable All Notifications

If the box for “Disable all notifications during this period” is checked, you will not receive any notifications during the selected period. You can switch to receive notifications by unchecking the box.

When you disabled the notifications, a 🚫sign will appear on your user icon.


Once you have completed filling in your user status, click on the “Save” button to apply the status update.

Edit or Clear the Status

To change your configured user status, select your user icon and it will prompt a settings menu. Click “Edit” to change the user status or “Clear” to remove the current status.