Manage organization members

Organization administrators can manage members’ access to Typetalk in the Members setting page. This helps to disable members from using Typetalk and exclude them from being charged. Disabled members can continue to use other Nulab services (Backlog/Cacoo).

To manage members, click on the settings icon at the bottom left, then select the “Members” tab under “Manage Organization”.


Tip: Clicking "View members on Nulab Apps" will take you to the Nulab Account Organization Settings, Members page, where you can add or remove users from your organization.

Definition of the terms

Number of users

Shows the total number of active users using Typetalk. Each active user is calculated as a single user under the plan quota limit on the number of users.


Shows the user's icon and name.


Shows the user’s role assigned in the organization. Learn more about Roles.

Joined topics

Shows the total number of topics the user is participating in the organization. By clicking on the number, you can view which topics the user is participating in.


Shows the total number of direct message (DM) conversations that the user is having with other users within your organization.

Last login

Shows the date and time when the user last logged in from the web or desktop app.


Switches between enabling or disabling users in Typetalk.

What happens if I disable a user?

Messages in the topics that have been posted by the user will remain. However, the user will no longer appear in the direct message (DM) list. Therefore, the previous direct messages (DMs) communicated with the user can no longer be seen.

Once a user is switched to active status, they will automatically revert to the topics they were on and will also show in the direct message list. So the administrator does not need to re-invite the user to the topic.